19. may Here’s what watchOS 4 could learn from the original Apple Watch OS

Here’s what watchOS 4 could learn from the original Apple Watch OS

Tech News           05/19/2017 - 12:00pm           by Z.Zachary           63

Apple will likely unveil watchOS 4 at WWDC next month which should bring new features and improvements to the Apple Watch.

I recently got my hands on an Apple Watch with the original Watch OS software which includes a few things I hope return with watchOS 4. The first thing is something I mentioned last month in my watchOS 4 wishlist: easier access to Now Playing controls through a reorganized Control Center. Now Playing is the panel that lets you control audio playback including volume with the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown. It was originally a swipe up from the watch face when the original Watch OS featured Glances. These were quick functions that you pulled up from the watch face and swiped through. watchOS 3 dropped Glances and introduced the Dock while encouraging apps to be more glanceable at launch. In place of the cards that you got when you swiped up, watchOS 3 introduced Control Center which combined the Settings and Battery glance and added new features like Theater Mode over time.

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