11. sept iOS 11 + iPhone X tidbits: Face ID interface and setup, Camera app adjustments, more

iOS 11 + iPhone X tidbits: Face ID interface and setup, Camera app adjustments, more

Apple rumors           09/11/2017 - 2:00pm           by Z.Zachary           93

The leaks from the iOS 11 GM continue this weekend.

Following information such as a new Portrait Lighting feature and the iPhone X naming scheme, developers have now uncovered additional details on Face ID, the Camera app, and more. The most interesting tidbit here is a look at the Face ID interface during the setup process. While earlier reports had explained details about how Face ID works, this is the clearest look at the interface. Shared on Twitter by Guilherme Rambo, you can see the square face design outline the face during the authentication process. When the face is recognized, the borders light up and the animation transforms into a smiley face. The video shared on Twitter isn’t accurate in terms of timing, as Rambo notes. This process relates to the initial setup process of Face ID rather than the unlocking process, much like the fingerprint outline that appears during Touch ID setup.

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