18. may iOS 10.3.3 beta brings three new wallpapers to 12.9″ iPad Pro, download here

iOS 10.3.3 beta brings three new wallpapers to 12.9″ iPad Pro, download here

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Apple earlier today released the first developer beta of iOS 10.3.3 and while it doesn’t bring any major changes that one may notice right off the bat, there’s something that people always appreciate: new wallpapers. iOS 10.3.3 brings three new nature-focused wallpapers for users and we’ve got them for you to download right below. Apple generally saves new wallpapers for bigger releases, such as the variety of new colorful wallpapers that were added with iOS 9. The inclusion of three new wallpapers in such a minuscule update is surprising, but nevertheless surely appreciated. The three new wallpapers are all overhead costal shots from various different areas of the world. The wallpapers are really beautiful, especially as we head into summertime. Since iOS 10.3.3 is still in beta and many users aren’t running it yet, we’ve extracted the images from the beta release. Head below to download all three and save them to your iOS device to use them as your wallpaper.

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